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Venezuela Outreach 2007


(See photos in photo gallery)

On 13 March 2007 I greeted my family on the Oliver Tambo Airport in South Africa to leave for Caracas, Venezuela.  Two connecting flights and almost two days later I meet up with evangelist Joël Hitchcock for a three week evangelistic outreach in the beautiful country of Venezuela. 

Our first meeting is in the city of San Felipe where pastor Joël brings the word of God  strongly and without compromise.  The deaf, blind and cripple are healed in the name of Jesus Christ.  The works of the devil are broken before our eyes. (1 John 3:8).  This great love of God touches my inner being and I stand emotional and in awe of the great works of God.

We visit the governor of San Felipe’s office and he testifies how he gave his life to Jesus Christ on the previous outreach of Joel Hitchcock Ministries.  The governor gives us the keys to his city and gives his blessing to us for the rest of the outreach.

Mass crusades are held all over the country of Venezuela.  We visit Cumuna, Maracai, Tucupita and more!   We are met by the spiritually hungry people of the city Tucupita with an ecstatic excitement.  We spend three days in Tucupita and the crowd of 5000 almost doubles to 10 000 people on the last night.  The Lord brings many healings, wonders and signs.  A man with no flesh on the part where his nose is supposed to be asks for prayer.   My heart breaks for him and as I lay my hands on him, I experience the the breaking of God’s heart for him and feel the love of God flowing to him.  God loves the unlovely and makes them beloved! 

We visit the Warao-indians on the Orinoco river.   We hand out Bibles translated into the warao language to these humble people. We are accompanied by various doctors, dentist and other special medical staff on this trip and many of the doctors come to Christ because of this outreach.  Joël Hitchcock Ministries sponsored the medical supplies and Bibles to these forgotten people. 

In almost every city or town leaders conferences were held.  Leaders were equipped with ministry tools and encouragement.  Many pastors and leaders were baptized with the Holy Spirit during this crusade. 

After three weeks we spend a few days on the beautiful beaches of Venezuela and visit the magnificent Angel Falls, but none of these sights will ever bring the satisfaction of  what the Lord has done during the Venezuela Crusade 2007.  This crusade was signed by God Himself who confirmed the authority of his Word and His risen Son Jesus Christ with miracles, signs and wonders (Mar 16:17-20). 

See www.joelhitchcock.com for a full report on the Venezuela crusade.

Power of Love Ministries - Jessica vd Walt

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Zimbabwe Prophetic Conference 2007

(See photos in gallery)

During December 2007 I had the privilege to accompany Anita Giovannoni president of Crocus Ministries to a prophetic conference with theme “Releasing woman into the prophetic” in Zimbabwe.

What an awesome learning and ministry experience.  Many speakers including Anita encouraged the woman of Zimbabwe with prophetic word, exhorting teachings and much more.  Women were encouraged to seek God for prophetic word for themselves but also for others with the purpose to exhort, edify and comfort each other.  Anita introduced practical sessions where the ladies could “practice” on each others in a familiar, safe setting.  In the seriousness of seeking God we had much fun as the Holy Spirit revealed His word to each.

I consider Anita as one of my spiritual parents and this experience encouraged me to look beyond the circumstances of a country but to the possibilities and dreams God has for every individual in a country. 

See photo gallery for photos and be sure to visit Anita’a website at www.crocus.co.za!

Power of Love Ministries - Jessica vd Walt

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